Pepper Soup Spice blend

Pepper Soup Spice blend

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Never a spice mix so aromatic and healing!

A fine blend of three aromatic Nigerian spices perfect for warm comfort soups. Our peppersoup spice mix is a blend of the classic trio - Ehuru (West African Nutmeg), Uda (selim seeds), and Uziza seeds - with a touch of ginger. To use, simply add about 2 to 3 table spoons of the spice blend in your meat, fish or mixed vegetable soup.

Give your favourite warm soup a boost by adding some pepper soup spice as well as some of our herbs for a unique aromatic flavour.

Our suggested dishes for 2/3 table spoons to taste:                                                 

  • Oh!NG Chicken and Gizzard vegetable peppersoup  
  •  Peppersoup Broccoli or Carrot soup: Peppersoup spice as well as some Scent leaves or Ugu leaves                                                          
  • Telande's world Chicken Peppersoup