Beta chow!

Beta chow!

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"Abeg, give me beta food make I chop".

You've probably uttered these words at your favourite MamaPut. If it's a good work day, Efo Elegusi might be in; and for the weekend, did you say, Moin-moin for breakfast and then Amala and Gbegiri, for lunch?

Yups, guessed right.

It's up to you now, choose your swallow and make that authentic Mamaput experience yours in the comfort of your home with this box.

What's inside:

  • Egusi, ground melon seeds - (Quantity: 1, Net Weight: 365g)
  • Dried Yam flour - (Quantity: 1, Net Weight: 550g)
  • Beans flour (Quantity: 1, Net Weight: 550g)
  • Nsukka Black Pepper - (Quantity: 1, Net Weight: 100g)
  • Ugu, dried pumpkin leaves - (Quantity: 1, Net Weight: 70g)
  • Bitter leaves, dried - (Quantity: 1, Net Weight: 80g)

Our recommended recipe and cooking instructions