Bitter Leaves
Bitter Leaves

Bitter Leaves

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Detox plant - check; flavourful vegetable - check.

The bitter leaf is a favourite for home made herbal drinks as well as flavour enhancer for most soup dishes in Nigeria.

Our bitter leaves are washed to take out some of the bitterness and then are oven dried leaving them just right for immediate use.

To use, simply rise or soak in water for about 15mins, scoop out the leaves for use in your preferred soup or sauce, making sure to leave out residues.

Our recommended recipe and cooking instructions

Give your regular dishes a boost by adding some bitter leaves as a flavour enhancing herb.

Our suggested dishes for 20g/30g of bitter leaves:

  • Bolognese tomato sauce flavoured with bitter leaves: Simply add your bitter leaves while cooking your sauce.  
  • Oh!NG Egusi Quiche: